Like it or not, email marketing and social media is here to stay and it’s playing an increasingly important role in your customer’s life.

Agency Replacement knows you’re not Starbucks or Geico. We know you probably don’t have the budget to hire a team to pour over email campaigns, tweets, and posts.  We’ll get you all set up so that you can create your own email campaigns and monitor your social marketing channels and make sure that your content is distributed in manner that make sense for your brand. We’ll help your company, generate leads and build brand awareness while keeping costs low.

Email and social marketing, when used strategically, can give you direct engagement with a wide array of target audiences, ready to engage with and spread the word about your brand. Did you know that Twitter now has grown to 241 million monthly active users, while Facebook has 1.2 billion members? If you are not capitalizing on the use of these free social media platforms, you are essentially missing out on the opportunity to raise awareness, create engagement or drive revenue for your brand and/or small business.

Agency Replacement can increase the professionalism of small businesses by providing you with a professional, cohesive look across all of your marketing channels and website. We can save you the hassle of managing your social marketing channels, allowing you to focus on what you do best for your business. We’ll create engaging graphics and content that drive traffic back to relevant landing pages your website. Having social marketing experience with any array of different companies has allowed Agency Replacement to translate proven marketing ideas and strategies to help leverage your brand.

Email marketing is more than just a catchy subject line and fancy graphics.

For the majority of small businesses publishing email newsletters, the goal is to increase awareness about their brand and/or the services that they offer. Technically speaking, the goal is achieve quality “leads” through low-cost digital marketing initiatives. In order to produce high-quality leads, your email marketing newsletters must be planned and executed carefully. Nowadays, it’s all about relevance, timing and an inspiring design. Agency Replacement is ready to put your ideas to work and walk you through the best practices for getting your emails delivered, opened and clicked.

Building customer relationships and providing engaging, relevant information is one of the key advantages of the digital marketing services we provide. When a customer signs up to receive your emails, that person is looking for what you have to offer and will welcome those messages as they arrive. Email and social media marketing is an effective way to supplement outside sales, advertising, direct mail and other marketing tactics to stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers until they are ready to buy for the first time or buy again.